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This is a new product review to read-before-buy performed by your friendly neighborhood Medusa!
As you know, I sometimes get samples of my own designs printed over several products to know what sort of stuff I’m selling to you. Sometimes I can get them for free, most of the times NOPE, so I hope you can understand my reviews are written as artist and customer myself, and I wish you can appreciate the effort to buy, write and share this lines with you lovely readers.

So here we go! Society6 review!

I already have several tote bags and a mug from them, and I’m pretty happy with their quality. A month ago I did a larger order (taking advantage of a nice promo they did, to purchase a XXL tote bag, mug and leggins) to check how are they doing to date, and I’m SO happy with it. Let’s talk about the products one by one.
If you place several orders, each one will be shipped separately, so you’ll receive several parcels. That’s how I received my order.

I bought a S6 mug designed by artist Micklyn a year ago (11oz mug, THIS one, check her designs. If you are into patterns, floral and mandalas you’ll fall instantly in love) and I was very impressed at first glance. To date, the mug keeps its beautiful colors and the print it’s unaltered.
Since I am very satisfied with my first mug, I ordered a new one, this time with one of my own designs, MORNINGSTAR. When it came wrapped in plastic bubbles, it was unbroken and OK. Once I unwrapped it, the colors bloomed, clear and bright, close to the original work, slightly intensified for the print BUT far from being dark. Intense, with a very nice and large print, the design showed defined and nice over the ceramic surface. It brought tears on my eyes. Well nope, but at least I was so excited to receive such quality.



One of my all time favourites from Society6! I have purchased like 5 or 6 to date (check the designs I own or I owned: Gamer NouveauRabbit Hole, Bea GonzálezClaudia SG). And always received a well printed product. I have tried sizes 13″x13″, 16″x16″ and 18″x18″. Their tote bags are pretty resistant and cool. I carried them away for picnics, beach, traveling, yoga and such.

I added to my order an XXL tote bag of my design Titania Stigmata (18″x18″) to carry away my biggest art supplies. As always, the print came out AMAZING. Intense colors, so close to the original illustration, well defined details in spite the fabric texture, comfortable, well stitched. I think tote bags are definitely the strong point in Society6. Very well made.




The first thing I’ve thought when I unwrapped them was “OW is this supposed to fit me? No way!” Yes, after the first impression THEY FIT just as the required size.
They have a regular waist, and I’m much into high-waist pants, so this was a bit discouraging at first, but it’s my taste after all. I understand that everyone doesn’t want leggins right under the boobs hahah. After my first yoga class wearing them, wasn’t a bother at all due those aren’t low-waisted, but I still prefer high-waisted leggins. I love to keep my big belly inside the yoga pants while doing asanas!
Other IMPORTANT thing to point at is that Society6 leggins are built in thick material, BUT can be a bit see-through the fabric on clear and uncovered-by-design areas, so dark underwear can show. I’m trying to fix that adding more patterns and art details to those uncovered areas in the “butt”, I feel guilty in some way because I’m not used to work in leggins.
Anyway, I’m not unsatisfied with them, those are comfortable and the print came out so vivid and detailed. Not bad. But yes, I need to fix the coverage.

I dig so much the Society6 snake logo


Wep, the butt thing. I need to put some
design over that see-through area.

This time I didn’t ordered tees but I want to share my experience with S6 T-shirts as we bought a couple in the past, and after gathering several customers experiences.
The ones we’ve received were fine enough and we loved them (Tinta Negra and Sin titulo are the designs, by Solange scf, what a lovely stuff she has!) but I know they are not TOP in the T-shirt industry. In fact the weakest point in S6 are the printed tees (not the all-over print T-shirts, but the simple ones). Online T-shirt shops are reaching some quality levels that can beat the less skilled T-shirt printers, so the rivalry is big. Actually, Neatoshop is doing an outstanding printing work, so the bar is setted high.

OVERALL RATING: 4/5 It’s worth a purchase!
PROS: Promos and free shipping – Mugs – Tote Bags – Leggins – Prints – Delicate products come properly protected.
CONS: Weak point on T-shirts, leggins may be a bit see through in clean plain areas, normal shipping to Europe may be a bit expensive (Europeans, use PROMOS and FREE SHIPPING to get your S6 stuff and you solve this issue!).

That’s all! Thank you for reading medunauts, I hope this may be helpful to you. Remember: If you want to try Society6, you’re welcome to my shop!

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