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Hey buddies! It’s Medusa here. I want to share with you my thoughs about Neatoshop print quality so here we go to infinite and beyond. I’m the worst model ever BUT those are my designs so I’m proud to introduce them to you by myself.

The Neatoshop staff has been so kind to send me time ago a couple of sample tees for review. I was so glad for having the chance because I love to know what I’m selling to my customers (Neatoshop staff take good care of designers and customers as well). I also have bought for myself other tee previously from my Neato shop with a different design, so now I own three Neato tees, I weared each of them and I can give now my opinion about their quality… after several launderings and adventures.

This is the tee I purchased for myself. my
“All the powers in hell” design. Yippi ka yei!

As you may know, digital printing has some cool facts and other ones not that cool. For example, prints over dark garments usually looks darker than original artworks. All the DGT companies deal with that issue and some of them are working so hard to improve their techniques, and I appreciate so much that effort because that means THEY CARE about customers. Also that means great things for artists, because all of us wants to offer merchandising to our customers that is closer to our original designs.

I was surprised when I received the tees. I unwrapped the bag and the printed colors in each T-shirt was so vibrant and bright that catchs the eye. As artist I must say that is hard to print whatever surface and make it closer to the original file. I myself deal on and on with my printer company to achieve the best prints for my Etsy shop and it’s hard to get them as I’m looking for. And Neatoshop staff achieved it, with no need of adjustments by my side. You can even appreciate the strokes in the detail photo I’ve taken. For artists working in traditional media just like me, that’s awesome.

My boyfriend and I’ve recently travelled to Toulouse (France) and you know how intense is a trip: hurry, long walks, sweat, unexpected things, parfum-deodorant-whatever, etc. Well, I carried my two Neatoshop tees to Toulouse and back, and they survived. THEY. SURVIVED. The prints are intact after several laundry sessions and I’m so happy to wear my own work just as I designed it.

My BF and I in Toulouse. I’m wearing my “Red Queen” tee
printed by Neatoshop. So comfy! Such love! Very river!

The print touch is pretty solid, soft and intense. As you can see, I’m an XL girl and it fits so comfy. The tees are 100% cotton and are soft and light (I don’t like very much tees with heavier fabrics. It overwhelms me). In their own technic words “Ultra-soft 100% combed ring-spun cotton jersey”. That.

Hey want some poison?

When I joined Neatoshop time ago, my first worry as an european artist was the shipping fee outside U.S. They ask from time to time to us designers about our thoughs to improve Neatoshop, and I shared my hesitations with Brian Irizarry. I know that isn’t easy to offer a lower shipping fee, so I assumed that such thing may never happen. But they listen. After a couple of months, Brian and Alex told me that they achieved a lower international shipping fee. And they setted it into a very reasonable fee. Tears in my eyes.

Well buddies that’s all, I hope this review may be helpful for you. It’s not only that I have a store with them LOL, I tested their printing quality and effort (Alex know how much headaches I’ve gave to them with technical issues LOL) so NEATOSHOP deserve my SEAL OF AWESOMENESS. If you want to buy my designs from there just check the links in this post, or go HERE.


Thank you for reading! See you space cowboy!

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