I’m currently waiting some news or improvement by Live heroes. So many of you let me know that they are taking forever to ship orders, that their lack of communication is infuriating and that they are not behaving clear as day. After that, I want to keep on hold this review that was made when things were going smooth for Live Heroes (previously More Sexy). This is dissapointing and I don’t know what is happening to them, because they were doing just fine and my customers were happy with them. So be aware that they are not working as they did.


I’m back, writing a new review for you, customers and creatives worldwide!

As I already run so many shops, I’m trying to keep only the ones that works well for me and my customers. It requires a lot of effort, attention and energy to keep the shops running, so I’m kind of selective, and I tend to keep the ones that offers something that I’m interested to sell. I was looking for shops that sells printed all-over apparel at affordable price + nice quality.

I received an invitation to join Live Heroes (formerly More Sexy) months ago. Perfect timing, its the kind of product I was looking for! But before to announce this new addition to my shop list, I needed to make sure It might meet the requirements I need. And It does, in at least, 90%. Those were:

– Quality apparel.
– Variety.
– Good all-over printing quality.
– The products are shipped correctly.
– The shop pays correctly the artists.
– Good customer – artists service.
– They update the shop with new products.
– The product is comfortable.

I ordered two products to check their quality. As I said to a follower throught my FB page, I have no other all-over-print reference to compare, but I’m impressed with the products I’ve got. The items I’ve purchased are a crew neck sweaterof my Medusa Imperator design and an unisex T-shirt of my Gamer Nouveau design. So well, let’s review it!

Live Heroes brands panel, customizable.

The shop is Live Heroes, based in Poland. The owner brand is Mr Gugu & Miss Go. The website has cool design and it’s easy to use, for both customers and designers. Designers only need their designs and a while to upload all the products. Needs to improve some web features to speed up the product addition thing, but sure they’re working on it (I’ve already suggested it to them). If you subscribe, they’ll send you newsletters with suggested brands and discounts.
The staff is nice, easy to work with. The shipping doesn’t takes forever (at least not to Spain, it took two weeks to arrive) and, to date, has reasonable shipping fees for heavy products such as sweaters.

Brands looks clean and clear,
with a nice big banner space on top

The fabric is soft and light 100% polyester, good to keep the sublimation print on point. I washed mine several times and the colors didn’t fade out and keep its intensity. It’s a nice gear to wear as an unisex T-shirt. The neck is a bit narrow for my taste (I’m neck fat LOL), and the sleeves are much like an unisex cut T-shirt should be, so expect nothing sleeve short. I missed the option of woman cut T-shirts (wider neck, fitted and shorter sleeves) and I made them know that would be so cool if they had that kind of T-shirt in Live Heroes. If youre men or women and are interested in T-Shirts, read carefully the size chart to find the proper fit for you.

The print on the T-shirt reachs every border (as it does in stuff sewn after being printed), the stitches are on point and the print looks defined and close to the original art.

A look inside the T-shirt…

The sweaters are also 100% polyester and the print looks super defined. The design appears almost as shown in the web mockup, following the design in the sleeves! Sooooo cool. The fabric is light and very very soft, with a bit silky shiny finish, but so cozy in the inside.

Made in Poland and 100% Polyester

Again, necks are maybe a bit narrow but not uncomfortable. The lenght of sweaters are proper as well are the sleeves. The cut is unisex, so see size chart to find your perfect fit before purchasing one for you. I think it’s a nice companion for winter.

A look at the stitches…
Cooooooozy fabric inside
(the tag shows here the old name)
Print game on point

Well now let’s make the points here:

OVERALL RATING: 4/5, I’ll keep this shop, and it’s worth a purchase. They must improve some points and keep growing, but the printing quality and fabric is not the issue.

PROS: Very comfortable clothing, not expensive as crazy (for all-over printing I mean), exclusive printing sizes, a wide range of products. Recommended to designers or customers. You can put a photo of your cat, too, and have a sweater of it! Nice shipping fee.
If you’re a customer, you can find there outstanding apparel in a very original print size. If you’re a designer, you can play wonders with your designs. If you’re both, GO and HAVE FUN!

CONS: The upload of designs is easy, but too much simple yet. It needs to be more “complex” to simplify the design uploads. It makes sense?
I also miss the women cut in T-shirts. And XL size in dresses. They say those stretch to 10cm more, but I want a size where none of us, curvy girls, hesitate to fit in.

I’m about to order a dress and maybe sweatpants or tank tops, so I will update this review with more photos and opinions about Live Heroes stuff. You’re welcome to my LH shop. Thank you for reading! 


  1. Hi, I was looking for reviews about Live Heroes and I ended up finding your blog. I wanted to ask you because I don’t know if this has happened to you with different orders from this company. I bought a sweater on August and still haven’t received the package. I messaged them two times and the answer was always the same: they have a lot of orders to do and that they would try to send me my order in “a few days”. I’m surprised that you received your orders in two weeks living in Spain (I’m also from Spain), I assumed that they taking so long with orders was normal. I wanted to ask: has this kind of thing happened to you with Live Heroes at some point, and If you did, how did you solve it? I’m starting to think that my sweater will never arrive, two moths is too much time compared to two weeks. I would be very grateful if you could share your opinion about what to do with this issue because I don’t know what to do anymore. Thank you.

    1. Hi there! I’m so sorry you’re experiencing issues with them. I hope you get your order soon. Yes, I got my order in two weeks, it was shipped from Poland. I’ll try to investigate what is going on, but yet the best that can be done is to keep contacting them and asking for a refund if you don’t receive your product.

  2. Hello Medusa!
    I was looking for reviews about Live Heroes too, and this is how I came here. Unfortunately I am here because of issues with them too.
    Your blog was actually the reason I gave my trust to LH. I read about your experience and I said – Okay, it looks safe and I can work with them. I uploaded my arts and I bough one sweatshirt and two t-shirts, so I can check their quality. This happened in August, and I still haven’t received my order, neither information what is going on. I am from France.
    I also messaged them two times and the answers were exactly the same – “they have a lot of orders to do and that they would try to send me my order in “a few days””. And still nothing……..
    Three days ago I get very pissed because their promise to ship my order “in few days” was a lie again, and I sent 3dr message, this time in facebook… But without answer …

    “Hello Live Heroes!

    First I want to know usually how long does it take to make a T-shirt / Sweatshirt?
    I made an order on August 26 (Ord.#29079 ), and I still don’t know what’s going on. I already sent 2 emails to ask for information. The answers I received were еxcuses, terms from 2 weeks to several days and thanks for patience. In your site is written 21 days. I wait 3×21 days.
    I am an artist and my main work is related to printers that make sublimation and direct stamps. That’s why I have an idea of your work.
    Don’t accept me just as a client, I have colleagues , we have fans and youtubers/streamers we work with.
    I want to invite them all to your platform, but I can’t do it before seeing the quality of your work.
    Please give me a real deadline in which you will ship my order. If you cannot do it, I want my money back!
    Thank you…”

    How is possible Live Heroes to be on the “market” since 4 years, and no reviews, no rating, nothing?! Half million of followers in facebook and just 2-3 likes on photos, filtered comments. I start to feel really fucked.
    If they don’t answer my message, I don’t know what else I could do…
    Thank you!

    1. Hi there! This is SO dissapointing. I think I’ll add a warning in my post. When they started (brand: More Sexy) they worked very well and shipped things just in time. Now they are behaving weirdly and its dissapointing to see how many people are having problems with their orders. Not cool.

    1. No news about it, I’m looking forward to see more opinions from customers. As for now, I deleted their shop link from my shop link list until there’s some good news from them. I need to contact them again to see whats their point about all this but I’m a bit deceived for the treatment they gave to other customers

  3. I wish I’d found this before. Made an order for some leggings and a sweater on the 24th October and still haven’t heard anything, even though I opted (unless they’re automatic) for updates on my order. It’s been over 21 days (how many day the whole process is supposed to take) and it still says ‘pending.’ I’m from the UK.

    I’ve messaged them on Facebook, but I’m not sure what else I can do. I did pay through PayPal so I know I have a chance, albeit a small one, if I have been scammed. I’m more afraid of them not turning up at all than getting something low-quality.

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