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Eng/ Hi there! How has been your week? I hope fine, sending good vibes your way.

I’m writing this review sooner than expected because some of you requested a review about my new Huion Kamvas GT-191. I promised a detailed one, so I better write it while I have still fresh on my mind the unboxing and installation experience.

My loyal Yiynova started to give me some connection issues after 4 long years of use, and I saw in my Instagram TL that @letstark got a brand new tablet from Huion. My experience with chinese monitor tablets has been pretty good working on a daily basis, so I checked some reviews about it and scored a flash deal in Amazon: Huion Kamvas GT-191 for 363€. Regular price is over 450€ so the tablet it’s still more or less affordable (I paid 700€ for my Yiynova back in the days, Cintiq is twice the price)

EDIT: I found a 5% OFF discount code if you buy the tablet through eDigi shop, enter code before checkout. Code is ZMOJ6HZD. Shop HERE


The product finally came in the expected date, less than a week, through courier. I was so excited! I wasn’t almost able to work well with my broken Yiynova so I needed it like water. As I said on my Yiynova review, sometimes is perfectly fine to pick a cheaper tablet if you can’t afford a Cintiq, because they work well and are enough.

Pic by Huion


The  19’5” monitor tablet came well packed. Once you open the box, the smell of fresh gadgets is delicious (at least for me!). It came with the promised gifts (a smudge glove, some extra nibs, a screwdriver, lots of cables, a screen protector and an extra stylus pen). Everything included in the price (lower than 500€, still a deal). And it was truly beautiful.

Original pic by Huion, magically appeared my witch on it

The installation was kinda easy and fast. I sticked clumsyly the screen protector over the screen. I tried to make it right but this is same shit as sticking screen protectors on cell phones; it ends messy sometimes, with lots of bubbles. I finally let it be, because It doesn’t gives me any issues for work (I maybe try to purchase another screen protector later just for the aesthetic). Please, try to use a ruler or something to stick slowly your screen protector, ok? ok.

The bubbles under the screen protector are real, I SUCK at sticking it

The screen protector can be important. I worked years with a glass monitor and I liked it. The colors were clear and sharp. Once you stick the screen protector to your Huion, the feel is that everything looks a bit less clear (until you get used to it) BUT the protector allows us to work with less light reflections on it. Also, that screen protector is what gives same feel as working over a Cintiq tablet: some kind of paperlike feel. I’m not used to it but I enjoy it as well. I suggest to use the artist glove on them always, no matter if you use the screen protector or not.

Artwork by me, this is how the color and contrast looks with the screen protector. The bubbles don’t bother me much.
This is how it looks without the screen protector. Clean and sharp, vivid colors and bubbleless. Glass surface.


I plugged the cables first to the tablet. It comes with a VGA and HDMI cable, but I picked the VGA. Once everything was set and plugged, I uninstalled my previous tablet drivers (pay attention to make this first before you plug the tablet to the computer because the drivers may crash with your new gadget).

Pic by Huion

Then I attached the VESA stand with the included screws and screwdriver. I’m going to give the VESA stand another chance, so I stored my Ergotron monitor arm (wich has been so useful to me). It’s not perfect and feels a bit weak, but gives enough adjustable inclination.

VESA stand on the HUION. I tied together the cables so they suffer less when I’m using the tablet monitor.

Time to install the drivers (before I plug the monitor tablet). My computer doesn’t read CD’s anymore IDK why, so I downloaded the drivers from HUION’s site and it worked wonders. Then I plugged all the tablet cables straight to the computer, and set the main monitor as first monitor,  and the new tablet as secondary one. I adjusted the colors and temperature to suit my taste with the menu buttons and everything was ready to start.

I noticed that the tablet is not “painting” in the right screen but the main one. The pen was working anyways, so I surfed the internet looking how to fix this. It was a silly issue that was easily fixable in the Huion tablet settings. Just open the Huion software, click on “Work Area” and pick “Display 2” or “Display 1” in the scroll down menu depending wich number has the tablet monitor in your desktop resolution settings. I picked “Display 2” since I have set my Huion Kamvas GT-191 as a secondary monitor.

Pick wich display is your tablet monitor in the upper scroll down menu, apply the changes.


I started drawing over it and I noticed HOW MUCH WELL worked on both Clip Studio and Photoshop. It was amazing, so smooth, so steady.  The jump from the +2000 pressure levels of my Yiynova to 8192 pressure levels in my HUION KAMVAS GT-191 was showing. I started to think on inking again in Photoshop because the wobbly lines are almost over in Huion, but I enjoy so much inking in Clip Studio so well, I’m gonna stick with Clip Studio for linearts and Photoshop for color.

The screen is large enough, I had to put my toolbars in the middle of the screen to ease the motion in my arm (I have arm and shoulder pain sometimes so I try my best to not force them)

The head in this illustration has been worked in the Huion. As you can see, there’s no much difference with the previous lineart, but working on it was easy and smooth

I picked this tablet because of the good reviews and the price, but also because it has no shortcut buttons on the surface or sides. I know some creatives NEED the shortcut buttons but I hate them, because I don’t use them and are annoying to me. I’m fine using the keyboard. I find them useful on the Cintiq Companion 2 (or other portable tablets, I hope Huion releases one soon) because it’s a portable tablet monitor, so they come handy to not use an extra keyboard.

There was something that started bothering me. The stylus jumped from brush tools to eraser while I worked. It worried me, because I didn’t know if that was some kind of bug, or some driver issues with the pen stylus. Finally I noticed that pushing the stylus buttons by accident, activated the pen eraser. It switched the brushes tools and sometimes I didn’t know how to get them back to the default setting. Finally I managed to fix this, because this wasn’t an issue, but a default setting lol.

This is the “Stylus pen” settings panel

If you like that setting you don’t need to change it, I just find this annoying, it just breaks my work flow. Before changing this, make sure the pen isn’t set as eraser but normal brush (click several times your pen buttons until you get it back).

To change it just open the Huion settings, and click “Stylus pen”. Follow the pic, click on the pen button settings and open the lower button one.

The “SWITCH” option is checked, so uncheck it (as in the picture). It will mark “Mouse button”, it’s ok. Uncheck as well “switch brush” and “switch display”. If those are already unchecked it’s ok. Push OK and apply changes. Voilá, no more eraser switch.

It’s still soon to talk about screen warming after use (specially because it’s still winter/spring weather here) but the screen does not feels hot, or warm.


It comes with two stylus, one of them as gift.

The stylus is beautiful, but feels cheap and has a kinda different shape to any other stylus I tried before. Ok, the truth is that THE TABLET IS CHEAP. Bear that in mind, so don’t expect high quality finish, but enough quality finish considering the low price.

I miss the rubber surface on the stylus so it doesn’t slides out from the hand. Don’t get me wrong, it’s well made but it doesn’t feel as sturdy as others. It’s OK and IT’S ENOUGH for work. I use it with a silicone grip that allows me to grab it better (I have some issues in my right arm so I’ve lost a lot of grip on it. I need to use those silicone grips on every art tool of mine). It doesn’t uses AAA batteries, so you can charge your pen with the attached USB cable and its LITHIUM ION battery lasts a lot.

Drawing with it over the surface without the protector is smooth and fluid, and the feeling with the protector is very nice. There’s a spring inside the pen, so the pressure makes the nib to go a bit inwards, wich is weird but sooo comfortable. The strokes are fluid and steady. The pen stylus come with a stand to place the pen. It stores some extra nibs inside.

You can set the pressure sensibility in the HUION settings software. I didn’t notice some lag, or an unbearable parallax. It’s very precise.

The pen has a LED light that informs you about low battery. As I said some lines ago, you can fully customize the pen buttons in the HUION software.

If some issues happen: I only have experienced the couple of things (not bugs at all) that I’ve mentioned, so these are my suggestions to fix common tablet issues—> try to reboot the computer, reinstall the drivers, do not plug the tablet to a USB hub (connect it straight to a USB port in the computer), uninstall previous tablet drivers, charge the stylus battery.


Weight 3.3KG (some more with stand and stuff)

Monitor IPS HD

Pic by Huion
Model GT-191
Active Area 434.88 x 238.68mm
Resolution 1920 x 1080(16:9)
Panel Size 19.5inch
Pressure Level 8192Levels
Pen Resolution 5080LPI
Report Rate 233PPS
OS Support Windows 7 or later,
macOS 10.11 or later
Viewing Angle 178°
Gamut 72% (NTSC)
Display Color 16.7M(8bit)
Pic by Huion


4/5. There’s not a perfect tablet monitor, but the HUION KAMVAS GT-191 it’s a very good (and affordable comparing to Cintiq) investment, and it’s amazing. I recommend it SO MUCH to work professionally in daily basis, also for your art practice. If you can’t afford a Cintiq this is a good option. Something important is that HUION releases driver updates regularly, and they look like they are taking seriously the tablet monitor bussiness.
Thank you for reading this review. I hope it’s useful to you and it guides you to pick your new tablet monitor. Share if you liked it to help me to write more reviews!








  1. I really loved this! I’m with you with the shortcut keys, its better if its only the screen. I was looking info about the PX-PEN but this one looks so freakingly good too. Sadly my screen is DVI-D and I just want to cry now~

    1. I’m going to reply to myself! because I didn’t realice the tablet has to be attached to the computer itself and no the monitor, omg. I’m shameful xD. Mine has just the HDMI this Huion needs ;u; I may be purchasing this for my B-day…yep.

      And talking about real interesting things, do the nibs get spent fast by the use with the screen protector?

      1. YAAAAS get it! I was confused when you said DVI-D about your screen, now I get what happened xddd
        Not sure, I will add that later. They look like they may last long. Also, there’s plenty of nibs so not sure about how much the nibs may last. My Wacom tablet stylus ate the nibs easily

  2. Hi, thank you for that 🙂
    I would like to ask you about the screen protector, I’m looking for a screen protector to feel similar to cintiq and I read that you feel like paper with yours. Can I ask you what brand it is? And where can I buy it?

    Thanks you 🙂

  3. my windows 10 did not recognize my device. How can i factory reset my Kamvas GT 191 V2? please help me.

    1. Hi there! I don’t know, have you tried to uninstall and install the drivers back, even in previous driver versions?

    1. Hi there! Hard choice. I would stick to Huion because I didn’t try yet the XP-Pen one. If you have back or shoulder issues, I would recommend a monitor that is no larger than 19 inches. If not, you can go larger 😀 I’m not trusting very much the XP-Pen pen overall finish. The Huion looks chean but that one looks cheaper, make sure it has some non slipping surface. I love the Kamvas PRO series of Huion because there’s no need to charge the pen battery, there’s a paperlike surface, part of the pen is built of some anti slippery rubber, and the tablet wires are way more tidy than their previous versions for the GT 191. I hope this helps

  4. I got this tablet but the stylus pens aren’t working at all without connecting them the usb cable even though I charged them for over 4 hours each and i tried reinstalling the driver in many versions.. idk what to do anymore … Huion store promised to send me another pen but I’m scared what if it didn’t work too ..

    1. Hi Fatima! Did Huion send a replacement? Not sure if some software is crashing with the Huion Drivers or if its just something about the pen. Please keep me posted!

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