It is a truth universally acknowledged that some tools help us to make progress in our career. This is one of them, specially if you’re starting in the digital art world and can’t afford expensive hardware.

For this post Huion was kind enough to send me a G-10T tablet to test it and make a review, but expect nothing but another practical and honest review by my side. If there’s something I didn’t liked, I’ll tell you.

What is Huion?

Huion is a chinese manufacturer specialized in art supplies such as graphic tablets, monitor tablets, tracing boards etc. You can see my other Huion review here.

What is the Huion INSPIROY G-10T?

It’s a desktop and wireless graphic tablet (basic ones, no monitor) developed by Huion that comes with an extra touch panel in the side. The panel is configurable to have shortcuts to our favorite settings.

In spite I’m not much fonder of addons, buttons and other stuff to have shortcuts (I’m used to keyboard and tablet) I must reckon that the G-10T touch pad is handy and helpful. I never thought I would enjoy these kind of configurable tablets before. It’s pretty easy to set (the setting options are available in the Huion software)

SUITABLE FOR:  Professional and amateur use. This tablet is perfect for people who wants to jump into a more professional approach on arts and design but who are in a budget. The price and specifications makes this tablet ideal for professional artists or amateur, with no guilt of spending too much. Regular price is 139$ for a wireless tablet with touch pad and 8192 pressure levels.

Once you are ready to spend a bit more and jump into another professional gadget, I recommend the Huion Kamvas GT-191.

The shipping and packing

In spite my local courier pissed me off and drove me mad while waiting longer to receive my tablet (not Huion’s fault), it was shipped as expected. When it finally reached my end, the packing was careful and nice. It feels like you’re unpacking an expensive and professional tool, with everything well protected and all the tools you need to work.

What’s inside the box?

Once you unbox the Huion GT-10T you see how much care Huion puts in all their products.

Gifts: a lot of extra nibs, a smudge artist glove.

 Got some interesting reviews from comrades who say that Huion nibs erode easily. I didn’t experienced that myself so much but after months of intense use and I’m still using the first one (I even sanded it a bit to give back the shape with a nail file but what can I say, I’m a barbarian that would make the most of every one of my tools before replacing them lol). Nibs eroding after intense use is something that happened to me with every one of the tablets I got in my life (Several Wacom tablets, Yiynova and Huion) so I don’t know if this is a real con, but others reported it so I have to share.

The content:

1. The INSPIROY G10T tablet

2. Rechargeable Stylus Pen PE150

3. Type-C USB Cable

4. Pen Charging Cable

5. 8 Replacement Nibs

6. Wireless Receiver

7. Quick Start Guide

8. Pen Box

9. Pen Nib Clip

10. Case for pen, nibs and clip

11. Drivers CD

Installing the tablet

First of all make sure you have removed all the other tablet drivers before pluggin in the Inspiroy, if any.

I didn’t needed to install the new drivers since the tablet did it for me and it worked wonders after plugging it in. But if needed, install them from the CD Rom or download them from the HUION page.

Connect the wireless USB receiver to the computer.  Plug the cable to the graphic tablet and the computer in a USB port. The tablet needs to get charged. Using it first with cable (like other basic graphic tablets) you’ll make sure you make a full charge before going wireless.

Once everything is setted – if you have a couple of monitors- you may need to specify wich one is the main one to use the tablet more. This can be selected in the Huion panel settings, check the guide pic.

The stylus comes charged so it’s pretty plug and play, but bear in mind that you may have to get it charged in a future. If you’re leaving the house, take the charger cable and plug it into your stylus and computer. Once you’re back in the house you’ll get your pen charged again. So well this is not a problem at all.

Once everything is setted, you may turn off and on the computer. I didn’t needed to do so but rebooting the computer may help with some installation issues, if any.

You’ll be able to configure the shortcut buttons through the Huion software panel.

First impression: working with Huion Inspiroy G-10T

Ok first impression was “WTF, is this from the past?” Since I’ve been working 4+ years in a row in monitor tablets, so I noticed the change of game. My last basic graphic tablet was an expensive and trustable Wacom Intuos 4 that worked wonders. Then I jumped from basic to monitor with a Yiynova and never wanted to look back.

But after the first minutes of clumsyness, I realized that this is like driving a bike; you never forget how it works.

Not everyone can afford a monitor tablet. They are quite pricey if you’re in a budget (even the good ones like Huion may feel like out of reach, but you may find that are way cheaper than Wacom Cintiqs). So this is a good choice.

I unplugged the tablet so I can go wireless and that is a VERY cool feature if you ask me.

Under the hands, the tablet feels soft and nice. It has a button to turn on the tablet and the gadget is configurable for right and left paws. The rear case is made from what it looks like aluminum alloy and has a couple of syllicone straps to avoid the slipping. The size is lovely, it only has the working space and no extra margin but the touch pad so it doesn’t feels really big in the desktop. Something that annoyed me from Wacom basic tablets was the little working space in relation to the huge margins they had. And the more working space you wanted, the more margin you had, all that useless space.


I think this is awesome for laptops or limited workspaces. Being wireless, having a touchpad and configurable buttons and having such size ( 374*177*9mm) it’s nice for working outdoors.

After my unfortunate experiences with portable tablets (read my Companion review here, I hope Wacom releases a better version of their Companion, or Huion surprises us with a portable computer/tablet monitor) I’ll take with me the Inspiroy G-10T tablet along the laptop to work on travels and such.


The stylus is the same for other Huion tablets such as the GT-191. In fact, it works as well on other Huion tablets (I tried it) so not bad. As I said in the Huion Kamvas GT-191 review, the feel of the stylus is cheap and I encourage Huion to make them with a less slippery surface. It’s not a real deal, but I think that the current stylus design needs to be re-thinked.

It would be more comfortable. But nonetheless, the stylus is light and stylish. It’s easy to charge and the battery lasts a lot (between 2-3 months of regular use). It comes with its own cable charger. Easy to work with it.

It comes with a double button that can be configurable in the Huion panel software. The pressure is 8192 levels.


I tried the Huion G-10T in Photoshop CS6 and it works wonders. The strokes are pretty stable, and the 8192 pressure levels are showing. My most troubled painting program is Photoshop due its classic unsteady strokes, problems wich dissappeared once I jumped into Huion . That’s why I always inked in Clip Studio. In spite I have those problems no more, I still prefer to keep inking in Clip Studio.

As you can see, not much wobbly lines in PS with the GT-10T. You can customize the sensitivity settings of the stylus inside the Huion panel program.


Ok here’s the other rockstar feature of the Huion Inspiroy G-10T. The handy touchpad that works as “mouse” and shortcut buttons. As I said, I’m not used to these kind of addons because I felt I’ve never need it. But it’s a great addition to a basic tablet, specially for a wireless one so you can take it wherever you want.

It comes with 6 buttons fully customizable in the Huion panel. The gestures can be configurable as well, and you can combine some of them with the buttons. I felt at first a bit lost because the possibilities are a lot so I didn’t know what shortcuts wanted best (since I’m not used to shortcut addons) but finally I picked my most common ones and all was set.

It looks and feels like a very well made tablet, with an sturdy built finish.

Sometimes Windows makes the gestures on the touch pad behave funny. I think this is something that needs to be addressed by Huion and Windows. Windows messes stuff, Windows pls.


AHHH this is one of my fav parts. And you’ll ask WHY YOU CRAZY BITCH and I’ll tell you: Since my desktop computer and husband laptop have trouble with bluetooth (we think due Windows behaving like asshole) we can’t connect any bluetooth device to our computers. WHAT-AN-EFFIN-SHAME. But this tablet comes with its own receptor not bluetooth related so IT WORKS.  Plug it into a USB port and ta-daaaa.

So you can work wired or wireless. Just charge the tablet batteries from time to time. This feature is so cool.


Following Huion’s site, those are the specs for this cool basic tablet.

chnology Cordless Active Electromagnetic Resonance Technology
Active Area Pen: 254*158.8mm / Finger: 93.6*59.2mm
Resolution 5080LPI
Report Rate 233RPS
Pen Pressure 8192Levels
Reading Height 12mm
Supply Voltage No
Power Consumption No
Interface Support USB Wireless 2.4 GHz/EF
OS Support Win 10/Windows 8/8.1/Win7/Mac OS 10.10.0 or later
Compliance CE/FCC/CCC
Dimensions/piece 374*177*9mm
Net Weight/ piece 1.55KG
Gross Weight/piece 1.60KG
Out Carton Dimensions No
Quantity per Carton No
Net Weight/carton No
USB Cable Length 1.5m
Gross Weight/carton No
Type No
Express Keys 6
Function Keys No

Rating: 4/5. I do not regret to have purchased my Intuos 4 in the past, it has served me well, but I just wish I had this Huion Inspiroy G-10T available back in the days. Wireless tablets are the future. This tablet is amazing and it can be even better.

As I said, it’s important to invest in good tools, and it’s also important to be conscious of what budget we have available. Don’t feel guilty if you can’t afford an expensive tool, expensive doesn’t always means perfection. Use what you have into reach. You’re not a worse artist for use cheaper tools because you can do wonders with them. Enjoy the journey 😀

That’s all! If you’re curious about this wireless tablet, let me know in comments. Thank you for reading!



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