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Hey there! Long time since my last post. I’m trying to care care of this little nook, since I don’t know what the future holds with social networks. Also I want to keep practicing my english so you’ll see terrible mistakes here hehe, so corrections are welcome!. I also want to keep memories and stuff about life, homestead and things going on here. I share this space with my friend and storyteller Mimi. So if you want a place to slow down, you’re welcome here. We’ll bring our stuff and cool news.

We fostered this kitty for some time. She’s like an earthquake just as kittens are, priorities being given to eat, sleep and play. Some teenagers found her all skin and bones and were looking for a home who adopted her. I told them the truth: “Look I can’t keep it, but I can help to find her a proper home”. I trust even a bit the community and I knew people would be willing to help, I have faith in gathering around people on social networks not only for praising our work and sell art, but to make good deeds.

As I knew very little about what would become of the little fur ball, smaller than a foot, we fostered her to make sure things would be all right. It’s litter season, animal refuges are overwhelmed and the bare minimum I could do is to solve this by myself (please can’t empashyze enough: adopt don’t shop)

It was stressing, and nice to have her around for a while, whit her relentless joy and silly walks. It’s been a long time since I fostered baby kittens.

Raspilla, our dog daughter, wanted to become friends with the cat all the time, but being as big as she is, the kitten refused all friendship. But still she kept teasing our dog because play before survival. It was so cool to see them “play” in spite of their differences.

Finally we found a home for the cheeky kitten. Her new human mom is already spoiling her and cuddling her. All the love and care needs the kitten craved (I almost wasn’ able to met her love needs!) she got them fullfilled. We hope they make each other happy together.

Everything flows, everything goes away. I have that weird feeling of not flowing but being dragged by an unsustainable and caustic flood. I see social networks prioritizing fast consume, turning everything into disposable content. Even creativity.

I guess you already saw the news about that IG boss who stated that Instagram it is no longer a photo-sharing app. Ok friend do as you wish with your app, but this sounds like bullshit after using an analogic instant camera as logo for years and made successful bussiness with all our photos. Stories and reels are cool but prioritizing videos because you want to be Tiktok… I don’t know man. Trying two very different apps to compete against each other is like trying to compare a horse with a dog.

Screencapture of

All social networks change, that’s a fact. It’s ok to change. It would be cool if at least they don’t pretend as if they care about their users.

Time ago I took the choice to respect my own pace because it was a matter of health. It’s impossible for me (and I know I’m not the only one) to keep pushing me in that way to keep people engaged, wich is what IG suggested. I had a lot of fun with Instagram back in the days, now I may avoid posting in weeks. Its a shame, I miss that dreamy social network where we shared good morning posts almost in real time for breakfast.

Let’s see where this is headed. I want to keep sharing pictures, maybe a video from time to time, keeping things authentic and to flow accordingly to my pace. Maybe create less, but more freely and with higher quality. In this dehumanizing time, with lots of hurry and otherness, I want to take advantage of social networkrs to show that there’s a human being behind the work, and everything takes time. I don’t want to stress over stadistics. I can’t afford to waste my mental health anymore, and I won’t keep running breathless in a race that I don’t have a chance to win. I would love to feel again like Instagram is a stimulating place to care about small things. I want to keep loving my work, and to take care of myself along the way. It may not be good for bussiness to slow down, but it definitely will be good for the person behind the work. And, sincerely, to take care of workers always pays off. Even if this doesn’t aligns with their “Everything is disposable” concept. Because, well, they never get enough, isn’t it?

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