✉ If you have a question that DO NOT appear in this FAQ you can drop an email to: medusadollmaker@gmail.com and I will answer it as soon as posibble.

What mediums do you use for work?
Currently I use for
traditional—> Faber Castell polichrome pencils, Winsor and Newton watercolors, Talens white gouache, Talens golden gouache, black ballpoint pen, blue ballpoint pen, cardboard, GVARRO drawing paper, Wood.
In digital—> Current set up: MSI Prestige notebook laptop, Huion Kamvas 13 Pro, Photoshop CS6, Clip Studio 5

Can you give me some names, mails, etc of your clients, publishers, whatever? Can you introduce you to someone?
No. Help yourself.

How can I get more followers? Help me to grow my following.

No. Educate yourself, Google it, and work hard. Don’t bother others. I’m more likely to not answer these kind of questions and I’m not even sorry.

Are you actually taking commisions? How much your rate is?
My commision season is closed. Anyway, you can describe your idea by dropping me an email to medusadollmaker@gmail.com and I’ll check if I can take your commision.

I want to buy some stuff from you. Where can I do it?
Check my shops list: medusathedollmaker.com/Shop-list

DISCLAIMER: Please, if you want to purchase something, bear in mind that the shipping may vary due external circumstances and may take a little bit longer, so order sufficiently in advance. I’m not responsible for customs, if happen.

Will do you work in realist style?
No. I don’t usually take portrait commisions nor realistic style, so I do this rarely. Not my cup of tea.

Your work has been stolen in Aliexpress/Amazon/Whatever! Thank you very much for helping me to fight art thieves, you’re a sweetheart. I’ll try to take it down ASAP.

Will you come to my event/con/whatever? Come to my Con for free.

I’m not interested in doing cons for a while. I’m trying to live a simple life to recover. To socialize it’s exhausting for me and it drains me deeply, worsening my health condition. I hope you understand.

Also, I won’t go to your con for free by paying myself for travel + acommodations. I live in Spain, and I can’t afford to travel to other cities or countries to participate in your events.

Where can I send you gifts/letters/etc?

I usually share the gifts and love sent to me in my Instagram stories and twitter.

Send love to:

Asuncion Macian Ruiz


CP: 46160 Lliria

Valencia (Spain)

Can you work for me in the style of X or Y artist?
NO. This is super rude. If you want other artists style, hire these other artist. I work the style you can see in my portfolio. Please educate yourself about what I do by checking my portfolio before asking. If you’re not even interested in my work, go away.

I want to hire you, but I need to see some samples of work first of what you can do with my commision.
NO. That’s complete bullshit. Portfolios are meant for that. If you want to see how I work, check my portfolio http://medusathedollmaker.com/

Do you send samples of product, high-res files for free (even for personal use), whatever for free?

Do you collaborate with charities? Can you donate us a piece to be auctioned for charity?
Drop me an email to medusadollmaker@gmail.com. I’m usually so busy I can’t collaborate, but we can discuss it.

Can you send me a work from you signed? Your artbook/print/whatever?
No, sorry (except the stuff in my Etsy shop) I hope you understand.

Hey! Work for my bussiness/music band/book/whatever, I will pay you with promo. Work for free for me!
No. Come to me when you have some real money to pay for my work. Promo won’t pay my bills.

Can I use your work with commercial purposes? Can I sell your stuff as prints-tees-pendants-whatever?

Do you take tattoo commisions? I want to get tattoed one of your works. Can I do it?
I DO NOT TAKE tattoo commisions anymore due personal reasons. But I support tattoos, so YES, you can get tattooed any existing piece of me. Keep it LEGENDARY and send me lovely photos

Please I need this commision ASAP, I need it for tomorrow or next week, is this something you could do? 

This is something I’m not willing to do anymore. I’m slow and I take care of my mental and physical health, also I have other commisions to do as well, so I will not overwork for you just because you’ve not planned this with enough time. Don’t ask artists to work overnight, give enough time to work on your commisions.

Can we discuss a commision through phone/skype/hangouts/whatsapp/whatever talked media or chat/forum/social network like Facebook, Instagram, etc? No. I only attend through email to medusadollmaker@gmail.com.

If I’m being too persistent in contacting you to get a commision after you said “no” or “I can’t take your commision” will you work for me?

More likely No. NO MEANS NO. I do not work for people that doesn’t take a no as response. Basic self-care.

I Have received recently one of your products and I’m happy and want to spread the love. Can I send you some photos posing with the thing?
You are welcome! You can email it to me to medusadollmaker@gmail.com

If you’re unhappy with your product, contact me (if you purchased it in my Etsy shops) or contact the partner shop you’ve got my work from and we’ll try to help you solve this.

Do you support fanarts? 

Yes, as a fangirl myself I support healthy fanarts.

Why do you share a lot of: too much art/less art/too much merchandising/your home pictures/stuff pictures?

Because I’m a human living being that does Things and I share what I want.

You should work/share only the things I want.


Do you have licensed works?
Yes, I have several licensed artworks.

Can you take a look in my gallery? Can you give me some art advice/opinion/talk? Attention please?
Maybe I can have a while to take a look, but please, think I’m a bit busy and be polite.

I want you to share my art/giveaway/whatever in your places.


Any tips for artists who want to grow a career?

Work hard, observe, analyze, be patient, be humble, be tenacious  and constant, check the internet for tutorials and sources, never stop learning and try to not get discouraged if things go slower than expected. If you’re not willing to work hard and be patient, don’t bother others. Success is a long way and it depends mostly from you. I’m still learning myself.

What did you studied? In wich academy/school/place did you got your training? Wich academic training do you recommend?

I’m self-taught, I cannot help you with this.

Do you have a Youtube channel?
Yes https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCcMqcmAuff_Js4j1o3bV9aQ

Can you do tutorials? Can you make a video working in traditional/digital?
I’m not confident enough about making tutorials because I think I have nothing to teach. I’m self-taught so I have my ways, it means they may not be the easiest, or the proper, or the best. I commit too many mistakes, and my own mistakes is a thing I don’t want to teach. Anyway you can find some process videos in my Youtube channel https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCcMqcmAuff_Js4j1o3bV9aQ

How can I start my profesional artist career, how to get published, whatever?
I did time ago a post with some tips from me and my comrades in our art blog Fucking Canvas that will help you http://fuckingcanvas.blogspot.com.es/2012/09/tips-contacting-publishers-consejos.html

Also, I did this post about how to sell your art as tees: http://medusathedollmaker.com/how-to-sell-your-art-as-t-shirts/