Medusa Dollmaker

(Asunción Macián Ruiz, 1983 – Valencia) it’s me, a self-taught digital and traditional illustrator, mercenary, curly stuff designer and part time gorgon.

Retro art lover, I’m used to work between the macabre, the nerdy and the bohemian thing with the same joy. I contort filigrees and nature, mixing them with inks and vintage color palettes. I speak nerd fluently.

My weapons: pencils, colour pencils, ink and Yiynova MSP19U. I do paper wars. If you can find me maybe you can hire me.

Clients / Publications / Products / Printed in

Blizzard, Planeta DeAgostini, Edebé, Welovefine, Design by Hümans, TeeFury, Bohemme joyas, Shirt.Woot, TeeVillain, ShirtPunch, Qwertee, Editorial El Páramo, Ballistic publishing, Cuadratex, Sugar Skulls Make Up, Editorial ConBarba, Nosolorol, Evil Hat, Mojang Minecraft, JiNX!, OSPREY Games, La Marca del Este, Zen Monkey Studios, Jim Henson Company, Mistery Science Theater 3000, Marvel, Loot Crate, Ritzenhoff, Babich wines, Teevillain

Personal artbooks

Cabaret (Planeta DeAgostini, 2009)