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Do you remember my Redbubble review: Part ILINK
Well the Part II is here!

This post talks about the quality of the Things, not the apparel, that are for sale in Redbubble. For a more detailed description about how Redbubble works, apparel review and more, check the PART I.

Time ago there were only a few sites that produced something else apart from art prints or T-shirts. Back in the day, DTG (Direct To Garment) apparel print-on-demand sites were rare, and marketing your own art on the internet had its limits.
All over printing, mugs, tote bags, etc is something available now to every customer and designer willing to have fancy stuff with cool art, but I remember the long evenings working on designs that I dreamed to see printed all over the fabric, planning cool tote bags with the design going further the seams… and wondering when this would happen.

And happened. I was so happy and clumsy with all the possibilities given that I didn’t know what to do with all this power LOL.

THE SELLER TIP: Keep your account updated and assorted. It’s good to upload a new design from time to time to keep your followers interested. Also the more designs, the more chances to get found in Redbubble using proper hashtaghs. Also, stay tuned and check Redbubble often to update your existing designs to the new products they may introduce.

– THE DESIGNER TIP: Unleash your creativity. It’s cool to stick to a series, or style, theme or whatever you want to create. But I suggest to explore further and play with designs for your Redbubble shop.

What do I mean? If you’re feeling like creating a funny design, an inspiring quote with fancy lettering work or a dark one, go for it. Sometimes it feels sooo good to let it flow and see what you can do. It’s VERY GOOD to go further your comfort zone and learn things that can be used in your regular style. It’s part of evolution. And well, it’s so cool to incorporate those experiments to your Redbubble shop.

There’s always someone that may feel like they resonate with that design, and that may translate as a sale. And I don’t know, maybe that blessed buyer gets another design of you along their purchase because hey, they just discovered you through that simple design you thought it won’t sell shit, and they think you’re cool. So it’s a WIN-WIN. You won’t believe the weird and simple designs I like to do in my spare time just for the sake of creating freely, and hey they sell from time to time surprisingly. And you know, every buck counts on pay day. Witness me!

I could’t help and created years ago this funny Space Tourist design. And believe it or not, IT SELLS SOMETIMES $$$ I REGRET NOTHING

THE CUSTOMER TIP: If you imagined it, it may exist. Use several keywords to search the same design, and you will get surprised. The Redbubble community is so big that, if you’re looking for a very specific T-shirt with a rare design, it can happen that someone around the world had thought it before so you can buy it.
You can sort your search results as “RECENT” or “TOP SELLING”, and you will be able to refine your search with the left menu or the scroll down menu “SEARCH TYPE”.


Hardcover Journals

You can pick between Spiral Notebooks and Hardcover Journals. My top favourite are Hardcover Journals and they offer them with ruled line, graph or blank pages (of course, I choose BLANK for drawing).
The designs can be centered in the cover and back, or can be printed all over the cover without cuts (this is perfect for patterns). See examples below. Check mine HERE

All over printed hardcover journal
Partially printed hardcover journal
*128 pages
*90gsm paper stock
*Wrap around hardback cover
*Fully printed design on the front and back
*Available in a selection of ruled, graph or blank pages
*Width 13.2 cm
*Height 18.6 cm

I own a couple of them, because they are pretty well made and are so handy to drop in the bag and take notes or drawing stuff wherever you go. I totally recommend them. The only way to make them cooler is attaching them a rubber band to keep them closed no matter what, but heh nobody is perfect.

This is my Hardcover Journal “Botanicals: Peonies Vintage”,
Available HERE


The Tote Bags

The Redbubble Totes have 3 sizes available for you to pick, and run pretty true to real design colors. There’s a cool deal for tote bags, get 15% OFF buying two!
In spite I prefer the Society 6 ones, with a more static inner lining (Redbubble and Society6 totes are so similar you almost can’t see the difference, so both are pretty choices, word), the Redbubble tote bags are a good purchase. Multipurpose totes with a soft all over printed fabric beyond the seams, nice to touch. And sturdy! The grain texture on the fabric is thin and soft.
*Printed on both sides
*1 inch wide super strong cotton shoulder strap (14 inch length)
*Soft yet hard wearing 100% spun Polyester Poplin fabric
*Dry or Spot Clean Only
They have two sturdy black shoulder straps and black inner lining. And you know, totes are my favourite all-purpose bags since they got all over printing. So much yes. Recommended.
The Studio Pouches
Redbubble Studio Puches come in two sizes: small and large. And there’s as well a promo! Buy two, get 15% OFF.
These are a must, word. If you want an sturdy and roomy pouch that stores all your drawing tools, make up or whatever, PICK THIS NOW. Seriously. I got the smallest size and there’s room for everything inside. It’s my number one portable pouch when I’m working outdoors, with a sturdy ZIP and vivid colors.
The fabric is soft and sturdy, with thick texture and printed pretty true colors. I use it everyday so you can say it’s long lasting. 100% Recommended.
*Made from 100% Polyester
*YKK zip with metal teeth
*Full printed design on both front and back
*Simply clean with a damp cloth. Do not machine wash, dry clean, tumble dry or iron.
The Acrylic Blocks
The Acrylic Blocks are decorative transparent blocks back mounted with photographic prints, that I find very interesting to portray specially botanical designs and photos.
I was a bit skeptical about those ones since I didn’t saw a purpose for them, but at the same time I felt attracted to its possibilities. So I got one, and once it arrived, I wasn’t able to stop looking it.
They come in two sizes. I find them classy and elegant, in a charming 3D shiny way wich is very nice to see. A new take on plain art prints wich you can use as well as a beautiful paperweight in your workplace.
The most suitable designs to put on acrylic blocks are botanical related for sure. They create a crystal terrary feeling that I love so much. I plan to get more of these when we buy our new home!
*Vibrant back mounted photographic prints
*1″ (2.5 cm) thick solid free-standing acrylic block for desk, table top or shelves
*Diamond cut sides provide a sharp image from any angle
*Hand polished for a crystal clear finish
*Available in 4×4″ (10×10 cm) and 6×6″ (15×15 cm)
The Mugs
Redbubble make three kind of mugs: standard, tall and travel. They have that pretty deal of getting two and having 15% OFF.
Time ago I got a standard 325ml / 11oz wich sadly got damaged on the shipping. Not the fault of Redbubble. The order was properly packed but I don’t know how, it got smashed or something. I just glued it and used as art tools container.
Front view of the 11oz ceramic mug
Something I noticed when I received my first Redbubble ceramic mug is that colors were darker than the original design. That deceived me a bit. Nothing too much horrible, but I didn’t liked it. That plus the fact of it arriving cracked made the experience a bit bittersweet.
Back side of the 11oz ceramic mug. You can’t perceive the cracks and chipped areas because I’m a master gluer
I wouldn’t say I don’t recommend the Redbubble ceramic mugs, but read well: Think it twice and get them with one of the regular Redbubble discounts to try it on. If you have planned to get a Redbubble mug, make sure it’s a simple design or a light toned one. I have planned to get one more (I purchased as well a mug for my BF with a simple design of mine, and that one turned out pretty well) with my leafy design on it, maybe the larger size so I will update this post with my latest opinion. And indeed, they have a superfriendly customer service, so if finally you’re not pleased with your ceramic mug, drop them a mail and they will fix it.
*Features wraparound prints
*Dishwasher safe
*Made from Ceramic
The Travel Mugs
Ah, this is a delicate topic, but this is a 100% honest review and must be adressed. As the ceramic mug review, not everything is bells and hearts.
Travel mugs are a 15oz/ 443ml insulated stainless steel mugs with beautifully printed wraparound prints with a lid.
My opinion may be biased on this, since I only got one travel mug from Redbubble… but the experience was bad. I can’t recommend the Redbubble travel mugs 🙁
What do I mean? The metal cup is awesome, and looks sturdy, but the first thing I realized is that pattern designs suits better these irregular cups. Other designs like my Medusa Imperatrix one, get stretched and look bad. And I didn’t liked that a bit.
And the 2nd thing, and no less important: Let me explain that.
I use all my mugs for cold and hot tea. I used it firstly with my usual hot tea. When I tried to drink from the lid, the tea dropped over me a bit. I checked the lid and everything looked fine, until I tried to wind up the lid a bit better. The lid wouldn’t stop winding up 🙁 The metal mouth of the mug died down under the heat + the lid, got loose and expanded. And it never recovered it previous shape.
It was a disaster because I had no more a travel mug but a simple and expensive metal cup (wich I keep because a large metal glass is always dope)
Of course I let Redbubble know about this issue. Sure they took note of it to improve ceramic mugs and travel mugs. They were super friendly and refunded my money, so not bad at all.
*Features wraparound prints
*Dishwasher safe
*Insulated stainless steel with removable lid
PROS: Deals, large sort of products, all over printing in pillows, cases, totes and more, and a great art community offering their best to customers!
CONS: Weak point on ceramic and metal travel mugs, so be aware of that.
Well, here ends the Part II of my Redbubble review. I hope you liked it!
If you want me to keep creating art and writing honest reviews that matters to customers and designers, you can donate HERE or purchase some products of me. Prints, T-shirts, whatever, every purchase helps! Here’s my Shop Link List CLICK HERE. Also, sharing is caring!
Thank you for reading! See you soon


  1. What a great blog. I love your art style! Thanks for all the information a great help to me as I’m new to RedBubble. I have a customer who wants to know what the height (in cms or inches) is of each of the ceramic mugs and I can’t seem to find it anywhere. I’d love your help. Thanks. jenie

    1. Hey there! Sorry for the late reply. That info is not very clear since they measure the mugs in oz/ml. Sorry of not being able to help more.

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